After more than 18 years Jacob Porte, Anton Bergsma, Arnold Bloemsma and Jacob Schiphof have decided to let the curtain fall for the band Emptyheads. 

Like most beginning bands they began in 1989 as a coverband and within two years began making their own numbers and incorporating them into their repertoire. In 1994 this resulted in the first Emptyheads presentation, back then a demo cassette which got the name of PMP (practice makes perfect). Through this the band began to weave itself into the Frisian popscene. The repertoire began to quickly fill with their own numbers. The bar, neighborhood, village and barn festivals grew into youth centers, music cafes, popfestivals and performances outside of Holland. Performances in England and Hungary were presented. Emptyheads were also seen live on television as well as in videoclips. The music selection over the years began to be presented through cds and dvds. 

Emptyheads look back with pleasure on wonderful and most of all, well-received performances on the most diverse podiums both in and out of Holland. Why stop then? Personal music preferences and the breakdown of inspiration for the specific sound of Emptyheads resulted in a failure for new music to materialize. 

Lots of music, pictures, and videos can be found at and at the homepage of Emptyheads .